Why you can’t buy your car from a local dealership in Germany

There’s been a surge in German car rental companies taking over from traditional car manufacturers, and one of the latest to be sold is called Car Rentals.

It’s a business that offers cars in Germany to local drivers who don’t have the money to buy them locally.

The new company’s cars are mostly new cars, mostly used cars.

Car Rentations started as a garage in the city of Halle, but it’s now expanding.

The company has now been sold to a company called German Car Renters, and the cars it has now is being delivered to customers.

The cars have been delivered by a local mechanic who uses a special machine to cut the tyres out of the car, and then the cars are wrapped up in sheets and put in a special box.

The customer then drives the car home.

There’s an added perk for customers, who are given a special discount on their next car rental.

The price of the rental car has been cut to €30 ($35).

Some customers are also getting a discount on the price of a car they buy elsewhere.

A customer can pick up the car for the same price if they pay for it from a car rental company, but there are a number of reasons why it may be more economical to rent from a company.

The biggest benefit is that you can save money on the car rental by using a car that’s not a used car.

Some people might prefer to rent their own car rather than pay for a used one, but some of the cars the company has sold so far are owned by others, so the difference in the price is negligible.

The car rental industry has grown in Germany, and it’s not just about cars.

It also includes a range of other services such as insurance, property management, and even cleaning and maintenance.

Cars are an important part of everyday life in Germany.

Many people rent cars to go out for shopping, or they have them on the road for short distances to other destinations.

There are also car-sharing companies in the country, but the prices that they charge are often quite high.

There is also a wide range of car rentals that are available, including those that are rented from the car-rental company itself, and other companies that offer different kinds of cars to customers, such as car rental agencies, car-repair companies, or car rental sites.

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