When I moved to Buffalo, I was terrified. But then I realized that I was so afraid, I didn’t even think of the city anymore, I just thought of Buffalo. —Sam, Buffalo, NY

I was in Buffalo, New York, in March of 2017, and it’s so cool.

It’s the nicest city I’ve ever been to, the kind of city you can see the skyline, you can just feel the city, you feel the water, you know?

I remember it being a little cold outside and I was like, “Man, I’m gonna die here.

I’m just gonna be miserable,” and I had to start getting rid of all my possessions.

I was really scared, but then I got used to it.

I had a whole bunch of stuff, like I got my new bike, I got all my stuff in a box, I had all my new shoes.

And it’s cool because it’s like a vacation.

I never thought it would be like that, but now it is, and I’m like, Wow.

I can go home now.

It feels like a new life.

It has this really unique vibe to it, and we have a whole new family.

I just love it here.

It just feels so different, man.

When I came to Buffalo and I got a job as a janitor, it was a dream job.

I loved my job and I loved the people here, and the place just felt like home.

But I also loved living in Buffalo.

It was a little scary, because the city was so hot, but the city also had this wonderful vibe, too.

Buffalo is a great place to live in.

I love the people, I love living here, I live there, and if it gets hot outside, I don’t feel like it’s too hot in Buffalo right now.

And if it’s not too hot, we have this little bit of a summer here.

So it’s really nice.

But it’s also a great city, man, and a great town.

It is a little tough to get here.

Buffalo, we’ve got a lot to do here.

We have to do a lot of things here.

But Buffalo is great, man!

It’s just a nice place to call home.

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