Tampa, Florida, is looking for a new car rental company

CAR RENTAL: Tampa, FL – A car rental service is looking to hire more car drivers.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that A CarRentals is seeking a new company to run its car rental business, which it says is in the process of expanding and has a fleet of vehicles.

The company operates in several cities including Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

A Car Rentals has a full fleet of over 1,500 cars, with about 10 percent owned by drivers and the rest leased out to businesses.

The firm says it has leased cars to more than 60 different businesses and has used the vehicles to drive over 4,000 people through its Tampa location in recent months.

“We have found over time that our customers have responded positively to our vehicle rental services, especially with the addition of new car drivers, as our customers are more comfortable with having their vehicle rented out and to be able to rent a vehicle,” said Chris Miller, vice president of leasing.

A car leasing company says it’s looking for car drivers who are willing to take on more responsibility.

They said the demand is so high that they’re looking for drivers that have experience in the auto industry, who are ready to move on to the next step of their careers, and who have the skills and experience to become a car rental agent.

The service says it offers two types of car rentals: a weekly or biweekly rental where a customer pays upfront and has their car rented out for a week or longer.

And a monthly rental, which allows the customer to reserve the car, and then have the car rented for the same amount of time at a later date.

“Our rental model is designed to be flexible and flexible for our customers,” said Jim Wilson, general manager of car rental for A Car Rents.

“It is not a one-size-fits-all type of rental.”

The company says the average monthly rental costs about $100, and the average rental lasts about two weeks.

A new car lease is expected to cost $250, plus taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

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