The latest on the ongoing saga between Airbnb and its hosts

The latest in a long list of Airbnb hosts facing scrutiny for alleged misconduct.

The Washington Post has obtained internal documents from Airbnb showing that the company has received complaints from at least one hotel about its hosts and is currently investigating those complaints.

Airbnb, which operates the popular travel platform, says it has been working with local law enforcement agencies to make sure its hosts are not breaking any laws.

Airbnb says it is working with the host and hotel to resolve the complaints and that it will work with the hosts to provide them with the tools to ensure their safety.

The company says it will also review the host’s contract to make certain it is legally binding and has “clear and accurate” requirements for the host to conduct business.

The Post’s report says Airbnb hosts and other guest-hosts have also been accused of breaking local laws in some states.

Airbnb has said it is cooperating with authorities in those states, though it has not said if it will cooperate with the authorities in Hawaii.

Airbnb also says it would look into complaints filed by guests in other states and that in the case of the host in Hawaii, it has no evidence to support any claims of criminal activity.

Airbnb’s public relations team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The documents obtained by the Post and confirmed by the company say that Airbnb has been investigating at least four complaints of Airbnb host misconduct.

In one case, a hotel in the city of Denton, Texas, said it had received multiple complaints against hosts that allegedly violated laws in Texas and New Mexico.

In another, a Florida hotel said it received multiple reports that a host in the state was violating state and federal laws.

In all, Airbnb said it has received 10 complaints since 2015, with the latest complaints being lodged on Dec. 14, according to the documents.

Airbnb said that all of the complaints had been investigated by the host or the host company and that the host has been terminated.

The latest complaints come after several states, including Florida, have enacted laws that require hotel owners and others in hotel rentals to post a warning on the home page of the listing listing and have them sign contracts stating they will not engage in any unlawful conduct.

In 2016, California became the first state to pass legislation requiring hotel hosts to post the warning on Airbnb and to post in a clear, legible manner what conduct they are prohibited from engaging in.

Airbnb declined to comment on the latest investigation.

Airbnb is also under fire for its failure to make changes to its hosts contracts.

The website said it was working with law enforcement authorities to improve its contractual terms and conditions, and it said it would review all complaints of illegal behavior in the hotel industry.

Airbnb and the hosts have been in conflict for years, particularly after Airbnb launched its service in 2008.

Airbnb suspended hosts in several states last year, including New York, because they refused to pay fees.

Airbnb then sought to stop those states from enforcing their local laws by arguing that the hosts had breached the terms of their contracts by not posting the warning and agreeing to abide by state and local laws.

The host companies said in a joint statement that they have been working to make improvements and are confident that they are in compliance with local laws and that Airbnb is taking action to address these complaints.

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