Ford Focus ST and Focus STR for sale

Ford’s new Focus ST for sale in the UK article New Ford Focus models will soon be available in the country, including a new model for the UK market that will debut in April 2018.

The Ford Focus for sale at a car dealership in London, UK.

The new Focus is a small hatchback with a 6.3L twin-turbo V8 and a 6,400rpm top speed.

It is powered by a 2.5-litre turbocharged engine producing 210kW (180kW maximum) and will come with a choice of a manual or automatic transmission.

It is also equipped with a six-speed manual or six-speaker audio system.

If you’re planning to buy a Focus ST or STR, Ford says the price is £12,934 ($19,859).

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A Ford Focus.

Ford Focus ST.

Fiat Chrysler’s upcoming new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Ford’s Focus ST, which launched in April, will feature the same six-cylinder engine as the current Focus model, the Focus STS.

Its price will also be lower than the current model, starting at £19,999 ($24,699).

The Focus ST is expected to be a popular choice for people who want a hatchback, but will also appeal to people who prefer the comfort of a full-size SUV.

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Ford Focus S, which will be available this April, is a hatch with a more traditional six- cylinder engine, but with a slightly bigger rear end and a bigger trunk.

With a base price of £16,995 ($23,499), it will be offered with a four-wheel-drive system and a six speed manual or eight-speakers audio system, which are not included with the current version of the Focus.

The Focus S will be the first Ford Focus to be available to buy in the US, though Ford says it is already available to lease in Europe.

“The Focus is the ultimate hatchback and we are delighted to launch this model in the United Kingdom,” said John McDonagh, Ford’s global product marketing director.

“The new Ford Focus will be a hugely popular choice among the many people looking for a compact SUV for commuting, errands and family outings.

We are pleased to be launching the new Ford Fusion in the U.K. and the next-generation Ford Escape in the next few weeks, and expect to be offering a range of new models in the coming months.”

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