Which cities in the US have the highest cost of living?

The highest cost-of-living index in the country is in Omaha, Nebraska, the city with the most expensive housing in the nation.

Omaha’s index of 105.8 is higher than the index of 101.6 in Salt Lake City, Utah, which had the highest index of 110.9.

Omaha had the second-highest index of 104.2.

Salt Lake was in third place with 104.3.

Omaha has a median home value of $1.9 million and the median household income of $52,092, according to the Census Bureau.

Omaha also has the highest unemployment rate of 4.8 percent.

The city of Omaha also had the lowest average rent for a one-bedroom apartment at $1,100, according the Census.

Home prices in Omaha have risen nearly 14 percent over the past five years, according a survey released by the National Association of Realtors.

Home values in the city have increased 13.6 percent since 2009, and median household incomes have increased 12.9 percent over that same period.

Home buyers have been able to buy homes for less than the average market value.

A recent report by Realtor.com found that median home prices have been stagnant since 2013.

Home buyer interest in Omaha increased by 0.7 percent last year.

However, the median price of a home for sale in Omaha was $5.2 million in 2017, according TOH, which was below the national median home price of $5 million.

Home price gains in the Omaha metro area have been slower than in other metro areas, according and other data compiled by RealtyTrac.

Realtorable properties in Omaha were listed for sale at an average price of about $8 million in 2019, according RE/MAX, a market research firm.

Home sales in Omaha are a rare occurrence for the metro area, according data from Realtored.com.

There were 8,827 homes listed for $5 or less in the metro region in 2019 and a total of 4,821 homes sold in Omaha in 2017.

Realtytrac.com reports that the average sale price for a single-family home in Omaha is $3.6 million.

The average sale prices of homes sold for $2.2-million and $1 million are lower than the national average, according Realtrix.

The national average is $4.4 million.

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