How to buy a used car from a friend in Singapore for under £300 a month

Business Insider reader comments 7,857 A friend of mine who has lived in Singapore since 2007 has told me how to buy an old Mercedes in Singapore from a Singaporean who has recently bought a new car for him. 

I spoke to him on the phone from Singapore and he told me that he had been using his friend’s car for more than a year.

 He had been renting it for a few months when he was driving to a new job.

He had just started a new family and was getting married, so he needed a car to be able to move to the new city he was moving to.

That’s when he decided to buy it, which is the reason why he has not had to pay any extra for it, he said.

The cost of the rental car is about $800, he added.

I told him about the Singaporean’s blog and he asked me to buy him a used Mercedes, which I did, for the low price of $800.

As I was about to buy the car, he asked if I wanted to see the engine bay, so I did.

When I went to look at it, I was impressed with the quality of the car.

It was so comfortable and clean that I was able to look inside the engine compartment and was amazed by how well it was maintained.

After the car was ready to go, I asked him how much it would cost me to rent it out.

“I think $800 to rent this car,” he said, “but I don’t know.”

So I asked how much he would be willing to pay for the rental. “

No, $600, I want to know the car’s price before I rent it,” he replied.

So I asked how much he would be willing to pay for the rental.

Then he told us he would rent the car for us for $600 a month.

Now I’m a little confused, I thought, Why would I pay $600?

When we were done talking, he told his friend that he was going to buy me the car so that he could buy the new car.

He asked him to pay him $600 per month for the new one.

We agreed to the deal, and I got the car in a few days.

You can read more from the story here.

Business Insider reader comment 8,093

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