10 things to know about Maui car rentals

9:15 a.m.

Maui is home to more than 40,000 tourists.

There are also several million tourists in the state, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

And in the past few months, several Maui hotels have been shut down.

There’s also the question of how to cope with the influx of tourists, as the number of cars has risen.

That’s been the case since the beginning of the year.

The Maui Hotels Association, which represents hoteliers, said that as of March, it had lost about 3,600 car rental contracts.

It’s a lot less than the 1,000-plus car rentals that went away during the Maui Fair, which is the main tourist event.

It was supposed to be about a month-long, all-day event that brings together more than a dozen hotels and attractions.

Now, it’s a much longer, multi-day festival that will have many more car rentals.

The agency is trying to help manage the situation.

They’ve also been trying to find hotels that can offer rental vehicles, and that they can sell cars for at least the next month.

But the Mauis hotels association is hoping to find a way to get tourists back to the island.

That could include offering more discounts to locals who want to come to the islands.

So the hotels association has been working with the Mauises County Office of Economic Development and the Mauits Tourism Board to figure out what to do.

They are still waiting for a list of hotels that have vehicles that are available.

So it’s not just a temporary thing, but a long-term solution.

The hotels association hopes to work with the county to find some more hotel options.

But at this point, they’re only going to work for Maui residents who live in Maui, which means the number will increase.

And so we’re just hoping that the hotel industry comes up with a solution that will be sustainable and allow us to continue to have tourists, which would be good for the tourism industry, and also Maui as a tourist destination.

Reporter: So the hotel association is working with county officials and the tourism board to find out how to make sure the hotel system is sustainable and can help keep the tourism dollars flowing.

And they say the hotel owners need to find more parking spots for cars and people.

So that’s where we are in the process.

The problem is that Maui’s hotels are located in areas that are in close proximity to each other.

And as you go down the street, it becomes a little bit difficult for cars to park there.

So we’ve tried to find places that have some parking.

And that is an area that is on the west side of the county.

And we’re also working with some of the other hotels to try to find parking for people that are coming from out of town.

Reporter “The Mauis Hotels Associations” have been trying for months to find ways to keep the hotels afloat, but the hotel companies are not having much luck.

There is a lot of concern that they are losing money because of the new tourism coming in, said Maui resident Linda Auld.

And it just doesn’t make sense for them to shut down because of what is happening around the world.

We know the hoteliers that are still working on this are doing everything they can to try and stay open and they are trying to do that by doing all the right things.

So I think that the Mauise hotels association are going to be very disappointed in us if they see us doing the same thing.

Reporter This is KHON2’s The News Tonight with Brian Stelter.

Stay with us for more coverage.

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