A new company aims to take the ‘hotels are too expensive’ concept to the next level

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 (Reuters) – Malaysia is considering the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets to make hotel booking easier and more convenient for consumers, with a team of developers in collaboration with a group of technology firms.

The government said it would work with the group to develop an app that would make booking easy for consumers and also allow them to find the right hotel near them.

“Virtual reality will give consumers access to a wealth of information at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of booking,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said on Thursday in a speech at the Future Technology Expo, a gathering of venture capital investors.

“A VR app could be used to enhance the convenience of consumer travel and also offer additional benefits such as savings and savings from savings on other travel options.”

The VR app would allow people to book a hotel using an app, which would be linked to a credit card, bank account or a debit card, allowing them to make a payment and view all the available information about the hotel, according to a statement from the Malaysian Development Authority (MDA).

The VR platform would also be used for booking travel and other activities.

The VR company is called HotelVR, and it was formed by two Singapore-based companies and the Singapore Tourism Development Authority to create an app for hotel reservation.

“It is hoped that the VR app will help consumers and businesses to make more efficient use of available credit and debit card services, allowing people to avoid the need for long queues at hotel check-in,” the MDA said.

“In the future, the VR platform could also be a tool for reducing traffic congestion, increasing travel and economic efficiency and reducing the burden on the public purse.”

The MDA added that the project would be based on a concept called “hotel shopping” and that the MVA has signed a contract with a Singapore hotel operator to develop a VR app for the purpose.

The hotel operator would be responsible for maintaining and operating the VR application and would also have the right to share user data, including information on hotel users and guests, with hotel management, the MCA said.

The MVA said the VR system could be integrated with the existing booking system or would be an alternative to using credit cards and bank accounts for booking.

The idea is to use the app as a tool to make reservations and booking easier for consumers.

“The idea for HotelVR is to bring virtual reality to the hotel experience,” the statement said.

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