The car rental industry is a ‘market in its own right’

A car rental firm that has attracted a lot of attention recently says it is doing a “really good job” of attracting clients, despite being hit with several allegations of fraud and mismanagement.

Key points:The company, Carpool Express, has a $5.5 million funding roundThe firm says it has a ‘good reputation’ and a “good team’ to support the growthIt is part of a new wave of car rental companies that are offering cheap car rentals to people in needThe firm, Carpark Express, is the first of its kind in Australia, providing a car rental service with a range of services, including a car loan, a car insurance and a vehicle rental agency.

It says it offers a “very flexible” model, where customers can rent a car from one of its more than 60 vehicles and have it shipped to them within the same day, and then picked up at their home.”

We have a very good reputation with our customers,” said John Kline, CarPool Express’ chief executive officer.”

They love our service and our team, and they want to be with us,” he said.”

The reason for the investment was the continued growth we’re seeing in our business.

“Mr Kline said CarPoolExpress had grown its business by nearly 40 per cent since its inception in 2014, with new customers from Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe.

The company says it was founded by two young people in their early 20s and has a “strong team” of experienced car rental agents to support its growth.

Mr KLINE said CarpoolExpress was not the first car rental company to launch in Australia.

He said other car rental services were being formed in the market, including Uber and GrabCar, and was looking forward to building its business in Australia in the future.”

This is a really good market in its self-explanatory way,” Mr Kline told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

A lot of the other companies that have come into this market are in a different environment and have had to be a little bit more cautious about what they’re doing.

“But we’re in a good place and we’re not going anywhere.”‘

It’s the most valuable thing I’ve ever had’Mr Klines said Car PoolExpress had a good reputation and a good team to support Carpool’s growth.

“I think CarPool is the most important car rental provider in Australia,” he added.

“It’s going to be really interesting to see what’s going on with other car rentals in Australia.”

CarPool Express says it operates a “network of around 80 vehicles” that are parked across Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.

“For CarPool to continue growing we have to continue offering quality and fast service, which we do,” Mr Denton said.

Carpool Express says a customer can book a vehicle from one vehicle to another within the day.

CarPoolExpress’ fleet is owned by a partnership of the Carpool Network and The Carpool Association, with a fleet of over 500 vehicles.

Mr Denton told ABC News he was pleased with CarPool’s recent funding round.

“Our funding round is a great thing for us,” Mr Glynn said.”[We] are now in a position where we can grow and expand the network and our service, and we will be able to do that in the next few months.”

Mr Dennys view is that CarPool can continue to grow as it seeks to capture the growing market for car rentals.

“You’ve got the growing car rental market, you’ve got all the other options out there,” he told ABC Melbourne’s The Live Show.

“There’s a lot more choices and there are a lot fewer vehicles to be bought, and if you’re looking for a cheaper option you’ve found it here.”

Mr Glynn has been on a mission to bring more car rental cars to the city of Melbourne.

Mr Glynns car rental business has been “going from strength to strength” for over five years, he said, and he is excited about the future of the business.

“Every year I get to be the first to go out to the suburbs to find the perfect car,” Mr Clynn said, before adding: “We’re really proud to be able, to be in Melbourne.”


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